The Journey Continues

Thanks for joining us in this epic journey as together we build the new Christian television — TicTocTV!

Here is what you can expect. 24 hour Christian programming — music videos, interviews, Bible teaching, preaching, concerts, news, evangelism, and special events. Of course we will need to grow into these shoes, one hour at a time. And we will need your help.

First, watch, and follow TicTocTV  on social media, especially on YouTube and Twitter.

Second, SHARE TicTocTV with your friends and family! Help to get the viewership big enough to reach the world (Yes, that is ambitious, so that is why we need your help to make progress every day!)

Third, join the conversation by leaving your comments and participating in the live chats on YouTube or Twitter! Meet some new friends! Chats will be moderated, and of course good manners will be respected.

Fourth, support TicTocTV with your finances. None of this is free. Creating content, paying royalties for music, and purchasing global distribution take cash.

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